2018-2019 GT Mustang


It’s still hard to believe that our Mustang supercharger systems can deliver more Hp increase than the total HP a stock Mustang GT left the factory with a decade ago. Now that is progress!

The Coyote 5.0L is an incredible motor with incredible potential.  This engine utilizes Variable Valve Timing and aggressive spark calibration (with spark knock sensors), which allows this engine to constantly push itself to its potential. Factory HP is a rock solid 460Hp at the crank, and we build on that firm foundation with performance upgrades that go beyond a Horsepower increase of 70%+ (approaching 800 total Crank HP!).

Building on more than 20 years of forced induction engineering and innovation, ProCharger is the first centrifugal supercharger manufacturer to design and release a supercharger system for 2018-19 Mustang GT's. With an original billet aluminum bracket design and compact belt-drive system, ProCharger P-1SC-1 tuner kits, with highly effective air-to-air intercooling, continue to lead the industry in OEM-style fit and finish, ease of installation, and reliable performance.

ProCharger Systems are supplied with everything you need to get up to a 65-70%+ HP power gain over stock, running pump gas. Featuring the most advanced and durable superchargers, with the industry's coolest charge air temperatures, much higher power levels are possible with higher boost and custom tuning.

Installation of this system is the easiest of any Mustang supercharger system to date–a customer can install this system in his/her garage with common hand tools in a day. For the collector/lease-owner in mind, the HO system is 100% reversible, with no trimming or cutting to any factory OEM plastics or hardware. As if that wasn't enough, you also have your choice of multiple supercharger and bracket finishes: satin, polished, or our new black finish.

Below are a range of upgrade options available including

  • P-1X Head Unit
  • D-1SC Head Unit
  • D-1X Head Unit
  • F-1 Head Unit
  • F-1D Head Unit
  • F-1A Head Unit
  • F-1A-94 Head Unit
  • F-1C Head Unit
  • F-1R Head Unit
  • Helical Quiet Gears (P or D Series Only)
  • Polished Head Unit
  • Polished Main Bracket
  • Black Head Unit
  • Black Main Bracket
  • Black Intercooler
  • 3 Core Intercooler
  • Race By-Pass Valve
  • N-Gauge Programmer

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